Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adventures in Sugar Land

Today's flight was to a new airport for me. Just inside the giant Class-B airspace of Houston Intercontinental (IAH). The airport is called Hull Field Sugar Land. Wheels up at 8:24 am into glassy smooth air. It was like the airplane was suspended and mid air and not moving...wonderfully smooth. Forty-nine minutes later we landed.

Here's what the entrance looked like. More like the Hyatt Lost Pines. Very swank for a General Aviation air terminal.

After landing I visited with one of my friends in the oil seismic business. He took me into a room with 10,000+ blade servers all running at once. I've never seen so many blinking little LED's in one place at the same time! This was a surreal scene like out of a science fiction movie. Unfortuantely no photos could be taken So here's a radar track of our flight down. Nick was flying the airplane and following the GPS...hence the track isn't perfect.

For lunch my pilot pal Mark took me to a quaint Mexican restaurant in Sugar Land. Here are a couple of photos. This was NOT a "papasitia's" style plastic restaurant. It's the real deal.

After lunch we checked out Mark's flight simulator....then it was back to the airport and home to Austin-Bergstrom.


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