Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunrise Beach in the Morning

My co-owner and I flew from Austin to Sunrise Beach (near Granite Shoals) this morning. Very smooth on the way up. Click here to see what final approach to the grass landing strip looks like. (click your browser's BACK button to get back here) I flew the return leg and did my first "soft field takeoff" from a grass strip which is only 2600' long. This was my first "short" runway and at the same time my first takeoff on the grass. I used the nose-up soft-field technique which was my first time to do so in the Grumman. For the geographically challenged Granite Shoals is just west of Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

After takeoff my next stop was Spicewood, Texas 88R which was only a few minutes away. I did a decent landing on the very narrow (30') and reasonably long (4000') runway.

Then it was back to Austin-Bergstrom where the runway looked huge as usual. Morning flying is great and the coming fall and winter months promise lots of clear smooth mornings (if the sun is shining).

-CDT 9/22/2008


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