Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Distinguished Pilot Aboard N4525B

Today I flew with a special guest aboard our Grumman Tiger, Captain Rob Tuttle USAF retired.

Captian Tuttle flew a B-29 in the Korean war and had his aircraft heavily damaged in one bombing run. He made it back safely but his aircraft was junked for spare parts due to the severe damage. Later in life Captain Tuttle flew one of the first supersonic bombers called the B-58 pictured here. Tuttle also flew C-47's and DC-8's during his career.

Shown here is co-pilot Tuttle's radar track as he flew the Grumman on a GPS-directed route to Fredericksburg, Texas. The track ends where we cancelled flight following with Houston ARTCC.

This was the first time I've ever flown with a pilot that has flown at 2 times the speed of sound. A story I shall not forget!

Over and out....


Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Great Day of Flying in January

My Tiger co-owner and I flew an equalateral triangle from Austin to Kerrville to Llano and back to Austin-Bergstrom. I flew the first leg and landed at Kerrville which was a new aiport for me. (click on the photo to the right to enlarge)

My co-owner took over and flew a simulated instrument GPS approach at Llano, Texas. The local Llano airport employee heard us make the call on the CTAF frequency and drove his golf cart down the runway to scare off the white tail deer grazing in harm's way. As we landed we could see him in the golf cart watching carefully for deer for us as we landed. What a great service! At dusk and dawn in the Texas Hill Country you must be very vigilant about deer on the runway. They love the grass around the pavement and often graze dangerously close to the runway. And the city of Llano has aviation fuel prices that cannot be beat. Today we fueled-up for $2.40/gallon for 100LL fuel. On the way back to Austin the sun went down and this is what our approach to Austin Bergstrom looked like.
Click here to see the video.