Thursday, July 03, 2008

July Western Vacation - Sarah and Charlie Phase 1

Sarah and Charlie left on July 1st for our western vacation trip. We will intercept Terri and Hannah in Socorro. On Day 1 Sarah and Charlie drove to Ft. Stockton, TX and spent the night. Before turning in for the evening we toured the Ft. Stockton airport KFST. We met a guy who does logistics for a US fire fighting group. We saw at least four *turbo* ag-wagons each capable of delivering 800 pounds of fire retardant. Nice little place and very close to hotels and restaurants.

On July 2nd we continued our trip travelling through Carlsbad, Lincoln, and Carizozo, New Mexico on across the northern edge of White Sands Missile Range and just north of the Trinity Site where the first US atomic bomb was tested. We stopped and Sarah took my picture with Smokey the Bear. (click to enlarge photos) I hope to fly this route in the Grumman Tiger some day soon. More in my next blog post!



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