Friday, September 14, 2007

Solo Flight to Taylor, Texas

I got up this morning and there were no clouds in the sky (sort of rare lately!) The Cessna Aerobat was available so I booked it for a flight from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. I prepared my airport and navigation information and was wheels-up around 10:45. My flight lasted exactly one hour on the Hobbs meter. Taylor is good practice for my forthcoming solo cross-country because it also has a RIGHTHAND traffic pattern on runway 17. My first stop on my cross-country will also be a righthand traffic pattern if the wind is out of the usual south. Here's my GPS track log for the flight. I used the Centex VOR for the outbound leg and dead reckoning and a little help from the GPS on the return leg. Weather was calm but hazy. Also shown is a photo of the Taylor airport T74.

-CT 9/14/2007




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been glancing at the supplied keyhole, And noticing that you are correct about the turblance steve must have encountered. The dry lake bed to the ~100 track of the Flying M Ranch will produce thermals which Steve would have been aware of, so if he was looking for a dry lake bed and traveled south at ~140nm/h (Max), then flew back towards Flying M ranch by noon what was his Time of departure considering that he he might have a tailwind on the return.. 13 Nm is not really that far? (almost and ILS APP from the inital fix if looking at an IFR stand point). And did he have any GPS or /G nav optins... if so what is the closest fix?... so many questions from an aviator standpoint...

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