Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally....My First Real Solo Cross Country!

Well the weather, aircraft schedule, and my schedule all came together today.

I flew my first long distance (180 nm) solo cross country from Austin to Fredericksburg (T82) to Llano (AQO) and back to Austin Bergstrom. Everything went smoothly with the only glitch being that I wasn't able to get flight-following on the way to T82 due to a lower than planned assigned altitude of about 3000 feet MSL. Shown here is the GPS track log map of today's flight. (Click on it for an enlarged view). I have one more flight like today's to completely fullfill my cross-country requirements in pursuit of my FAA Private Pilot's License. Also shown here is a photo of the Fredricksburg and Llano airports (click to enlarge photo). Fredericksburg -->

LLano --
-CDT 9/20/2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brother, that's a great accomplishment! What will your rates be once your have Charlie's Air Taxi in operation?! Love, Jeanie

9:38 AM  

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